Webinar. Thursday Nov 30th 4pm

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On average, boys underachieve, relative to girls at every stage in their education.  This all-party group (APPG) has been running an inquiry to understand the reasons and possible remedies.

We initially heard from four secondary school-leaders who have closed the gap. Since then we are hearing from more.  Despite neither knowing each other nor using the same advice, they are doing similar things.

Role of the APPG

The successful schools emerged as part of our inquiry into Boys’ Educational Underachievement.  We are aware that schools can implement these policies without reference to government, so we are promoting them directly to schools.  We will also be lobbying government to act in ways to support this.

Objectives of the webinar

  • for you to hear what the successful schools have done
  • to develop effective policies and practices
  • to build a network of teachers/schools to implement these actions.

Summary of findings

The underachieving of boys is the result of the different ways boys and girls are treated throughout their life by adults.  Successful approaches treat both sexes equally.

The school-leaders

  • Diane Henson, (former) Headteacher, Wheelers Lane Technology College, Birmingham.
  • Andy Eadie, Assistant Headteacher, Cardinal Langley RC High School, Middleton, Rochdale.
  • Dominic Burke, Headteacher, Balcarras School, Cheltenham.
  • Caroline Barlow, Headteacher, Heathfield Community College, Heathfield, East Sussex 

Main headings

The policies implemented by these schools come under the following four headings. Each school leader will introduce a section and explain what they have done at their school.

  1. Culture and Ethos
  2. Building Relationships and home-school links
  3. Literacy and Oracy
  4. Behaviour and Discipline

The webinar

Short (7-10 mins) presentations followed by questions/comments

  • 15.50 Log in and check sound and camera
  • 16.00 Welcome and introduction to the webinar.  Mike Bell.
  • 16.10 Culture and Ethos
  • 16.25 Building Relationships and home-school links
  • 16.40 Literacy and Oracy
  • 16.55 Behaviour and Discipline
  • 17.10  General discussion.
  • 17.15, Formal webinar ends.  Informal discussion.
  • 17.30  Ends.

The session will be recorded and made available for viewing.

Attendees will be invited to join a network to develop and promote these effective approaches.