We are the men.

We are the Men

Who defended the tribe,

The women and children

Who carried the loads

Who built the homes

And the roads.

Who invented the machines

 And the medicines

Which kept babes alive

And their mothers too.

Made domestic appliances

So the women could live

Long and healthy

And be free to pursue

Education and careers.

We are the men

Who supported the vote

And schools and jobs

for daughters and wives

And called ourselves feminists.

We are the men

Who were rewarded with lies

And took accusations of abuse

Lying down.

We did this because

We have always cared

For the victim and weak

And we knew that the claims

Were sometimes true

And so, we apologised.

We stood idly by

While women changed laws

To make us criminals

In the land we had built.

We have watched with despair

As our children are taken

And also our goods

For reasons and claims

We can scarcely follow

In courts that are run

By the accusers.

But, we are the men

Who have woken up from our sleep

Who see the injustice

And are ready to act.

The idea that a few

Radical feminist lies

Will keep us downtrod

Is a hilarious joke.


We are the men!

Who can build and invent

And this we will do

Till a new balance is stuck

Where the talents of all

Are valued as being

Parts of the whole

With harmony restored.

This we will do


We are the men.

Mike Bell
June 2019