VAMB seminar

Tackling violence against men&boys seminar

Date: Tuesday June 7th at 10.30 – 11.30am.


Chair: Lord Fred Ponsonby, Vice-chair of this APPG.


  • Dame Vera Baird QC.  Victims Commissioner, who has written in favour of a separate strategy.
  • Duncan Craig OBE.   Survivors Manchester.  National expert on male victims of sexual abuse and violence
  • Dr Elizabeth Bates.  University of Cumbria. World-leading academic on male victims of domestic abuse.
  • Ally Fogg.  Chair of Men and Boys Coalition who are co-ordaining a national campaign.


To produce a short, well-informed report which widens support for such a strategy and will then be used by the APPG and others to persuade government to act.


(This is an updated version of the letter sent by the APPG to Rachel Maclean MP. Minister for Safeguarding, from our chair, Nick Fletcher MP.)

APPG calls for a violence against men and boys strategy.

The APPG welcomes the publication of the updated 128 page Violence against Women and Girls Strategy (and related documents). We also welcome the 14 pages for men and boys but recognise that this does not fully deal with the issues as it does for women and girls. We call on the government to produce a parallel detailed strategy covering intimate violence against men and boys.

We note that the updated Male Position Statement was originally called:  ‘Supporting male victims of crimes considered violence against women and girls’, but has since been renamed.

Men & Boys should be treated with respect.  The current situation means that, for example, male victims of rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, trafficking, domestic abuse, forced marriage and so-called ‘honour’-based crimes are all categorised as ‘victims of violence against women and girls’. This:

  • is factually incorrect
  • marginalises men and boys who are victims of these crimes
  • reinforces some of the same barriers that the new document points out and seeks to address.  

We believe that the best solution is to create a parallel strategy covering Intimate violence against men and boys.  This would be tailored to the victims of these crimes and the barriers they face. The advantages of this approach would be:

  • clear support for men and boys
  • it does not clash with the commitments and plans in the VAWG strategy
  • men and boys are not being forced into a strategy that does not bear their name.

That is advantageous for women and girls, as well as men and boys.  The government should treat both sexes equally.