The Equalogist No 4. May 2020

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Equalogist: edited highlights on men’s issues.  This edition contains some great new videos, books and events.  There are also two requests for action.

Many thanks

Mike and Charlie.

Action 1: Every little helps

  1. Please communicate one thing from this mailing to at least one other person.
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Progress:  Small steps in the right direction.

  1. The BBC actually reached out to find someone going to ICMI 2019 and that’s how Philipp Tanzer got to be involved in their documentary.  (See below for YouTube version.)
  2. Despite endless campaigning by women’s groups etc, the new Domestic Abuse Bill is still worded in a gender-neutral way.
  3. Equi-law UK has been given a small grant and is looking for a part-time, paid assistant, (see below)

Events:  (all virtual)


16: International Boys day

17: National Conference on Men’s Issues.  “Domestic abuse is a men’s issue, too”

View on this YouTube channel. Keynote speaker will be Professor Nicola Graham-Kevan


14:  Messages for Men and ICMI 2020

Elizabeth Hobson writes:  “Sadly, Natty Raymond has stepped aside from the Messages for Men organising team this year – she will be missed, but the show must go on and I’m chomping at the bit to reveal what I’m planning (with the assistance of Mike Buchanan), it’s gonna be great, but will keep it under my hat until tickets go on sale on 4th May.”

Action 2:  Write to someone.

One of the main reasons laws are being made which discriminate against men is because we remain silent.  Please send one message a month.  Use facts, not anger or abuse.

  1. Write to your MP asking why there is special provision for BAME staff because they are more susceptible to COVID19, but no protection for men in general, who are 2/3 of the COVID deaths in hospital.
  2. If you are in Scotland, please write to The Scottish Government asking that men and women be treated equally in the forthcoming Hate Crime Bill.  Women’s groups are trying to make sure ‘sex’ is not one of the sections for hate, but that ‘misogyny’ is!  Email with ‘Hate Crime Bill Launch’ as the subject.
  3. Write to the Nicole Jacobs, the new Domestic Abuse Commissioner, asking why she has asked hotels to provide refuge accommodation for women, but not for men (who make up 1/3 of victims).

It’s only when they start to receive complaints from a range of people that they will start to take note. Men are too quiet!

Gender Family Court Gap

  1. Before the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO), approx 40% of legal aid in the family court was given to men and 60% to women. After the Act it is now 15% to men and 85% to women.
  2. 90% of parents not living with their children are men.
  3. 90% of Non-molestation orders are issued to women against a man.

Video 1: Gendered violence through the prism of a pandemic Glass Blind Spot’

The YouTube channel ‘Glass Blind Spot’ uploaded a new video this month regarding the various domestic violence justice bills across the various UK governments.  It covers the dismal amount of help available to male victims and their children, and gendered statistics including perpetrator and victim percentages from the latest sources.

The level of detail this content-creator goes to, the unbiased way he presents the information and statistics, mixed with an overlay of quotes and relevant videos makes this our video of the month for May 2020.

Gendered violence through the prism of a pandemic is an hour long but well worth a watch.  We recommend this YouTube channel as the creator’s views and opinions align with ours here at the Equalogist on many key points.

Video 2: I am a Men’s Rights Activist. Philipp Tanzer

Philipp Tanzer writes: “The BBC documentary I am a Men’s Rights Activist manages to give an unusually fair and sympathetic depiction of me, Philipp Tanzer, and my support for men’s rights. Unfortunately, the documentary fails to highlight men’s issues but does not discredit advocacy for men either. Almost all comments and reactions in regards to the documentary by the public were supportive of men’s issues, backlash was barely there and many men contacted me, thanking me and sharing sad and often horrific stories.

Thanks to Alvaro Alvarez of the BBC for the respectful depiction.”     Watch this on YouTube

Classic book:  Who stole feminism? Christina Hoff Sommers

First published in 1995, this book remains important as it shows how little has changed.  Who stole feminism?  challenges a lot of feminist rhetoric on which many claims are based. She suggests that the original “equity feminists” who fought legitimately for women’s rights have now been replaced by “gender feminists” who perpetuate falsehoods about a hidden patriarchy which, they allege, victimizes women. These gender feminists tolerate no dissent from their party line and are as totalitarian as the supposed patriarchy they persist in vilifying.

New book:  After #MeToo Gerard Carey

Professor Carey worked at University College, Dublin.  He brings the rigour of the academic to this book while at the same time keeping it readable and accessible.  After #MeToo: Feminism, Patriarchy, Toxic Masculinity and Sundry Cultural Delights covers a wide range of issues, including ‘Patriarchy’, ‘Toxic masculinity’ and changing definition of rape.  Difficult to summarise, take a look at this short clip: Short explanatory video (7 mins)

You can also get a better idea on this excellent longer interview by Elisabeth Hobson and Mike Buchanan (48 mins)

Job opportunity: Equi-law UK.  Part-time campaigner

Equi-law UK has a part-time, paid vacancy for someone willing to help engage with the political process in the UK.  Checkout the Equi-law website  The job involves creating and using contacts with media, politicians etc and regularly contributing challenges where men are unfairly treated, ignored, ridiculed, derided etc.  Initially 3 hrs a week.  Contact 


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