The Equalogist No 3. April 2020

Welcome to the third edition of The Equalogist which aims to raise the profile of men/boys issues by sharing events, groups, campaigns, interesting articles, websites, videos etc.

One of the main reasons Men’s Issues are not being addressed is that too few people know what they are and even fewer are active at present.

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Progress:  Small steps in the right direction.

  1. The Equalogist does not condone rape, however, many men feel falsely accused as they are either convinced there was consent or that a minor incident has been grossly exaggerated.   Two cases give us some re-assurance that we are likely to remain innocent until proved guilty:
    1. The Centre for Women’s Justice asked for judicial review of CPS rape prosecution policy because, while reports of rape have been going up, the % prosecutions have been going down. The High Court rejected permission. Police are sending fewer cases to the CPS after several cases collapsed following failures in police disclosure which indicated that no offence was committed.
    1. Alex Salmond was cleared of all charges.  Of course we do not know the facts of the case, but it perhaps marks a turning point where males are not found guilty simply on accusation.

  2. Some suggest that ‘Woke’ culture is the result of hyper-sensitivity resulting from life being too easy. If that is true, perhaps the COVID 19, in giving us a serious problem, will give us a lasting ‘reality checkpoint’.  Already the nation has started to value people they have taken for granted.  Hopefully, this may start to include men.

  3. Even the BBC is starting to get the message. Analysis on 29th March was ‘Roots of Woke culture’.

Events:  all cancelled.

No worries.  Those of us with more time can spend some of it promoting Men’s Issues.

The Equalogist’ webpage:  Female Equalogists.

The ‘Female Equalogists’ page on our website is dedicated to all the women who support Men’s issues.  It currently shows YouTube clips from Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Elizabeth Hobson, Janice Fiamengo, Bettina Arndt, Belinda Brown, Jess Butcher, Anna Machin and Marilyn York. (Suggestions for additions welcome.)

Karen Straughan,  in her keynote speech at ICMI18, argues that women will continue to play a central role in the Men’s Movement.  When a woman speaks about these issues it often seems to carry authority.  When a man raises the same issue, it sometimes appears more like whining.

Gender Deaths Gap

  1. COVID 19 kills about twice as many males as females, but no evidence that this is due to neglect of male patients.  Minor sociological factors include: men smoke more and tend to be slow seeking help when ill.  Major genetic difference:  many of the genes that code for immunity are on the X chromosome – and men only have one copy and are, in general, less good at immunity than women.

  2. Suicide:   About ¾ in the UK are by males.  Nearly 5000 in 2018. That’s 100 a week.(Compare this with the often quoted: “two women every week across England and Wales are killed by a current or former partner”)

  3. Industrial accidents deaths. 95% are male. (140 males and 8 females 2018-19)

Video 1: Representing Men in Divorce.  Marilyn York

Attorney Marilyn York owns a Men’s Rights Family Law Firm in Reno, Nevada. She and her ten female employees focus on representing men for two reasons:

  • fathers are crucial in the upbringing and development of their children
  • fathers are the disadvantaged parent in family court and society and while the laws are improving, the statistics are not.

In this powerful TED Talk she spells out the value of fathers (and the damage of fatherlessness) with facts and emotion.

There are currently over 1,000,000 children growing up in the UK without their fathers and every year this number is growing. According to the US Center for Disease Control, children from fatherless homes account for 90% of homeless and runaway children; 71% of high school dropouts and 63% of youth suicides.

Video 2: The Bar of Queendom. Tommy Sotomayor

Brilliant, funny talk at ICMI 19 in Chicago.  Enjoy this unusual take on fatherhood and men’s experience; extra good as he is eloquent, but speaks without notes.

Book:  The Madness of Crowds.  Douglas Murray

In this book Murray argues that people need some kind of religion to give meaning to their lives. In the absence of a spiritual religion, some have invented the secular religion of Social Justice: Gay, Women, Race and Trans.  In each case, just as we thought that the world had accepted the ‘new normal’, the group starts to make ever more excessive demands.

See this interview on New Culture Forum.

Group:  ManKind Initiative

Key Information on Male Victims of Domestic Abuse and Partner Abuse

The ManKind Initiative is charity that supports male victims of domestic abuse.  It has launched its annual compilation of statistics on male victims of domestic abuse and partner abuse. Please feel free to use and share. They have also added a number of recordings to their YouTube channel. Please follow them on @mankindinit or on Facebook.

Meet other like-minded men

Network for Men is an informal webpage with gives you the opportunity to meet up with other like-minded men in your own area.  Simply sign up here and you will be put in touch with others in your area.  SIGN UP TO NETWORK FOR MEN


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