The Equalogist No 1. February 2020

Equality of the sexes in the UK

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Progress:  Men & Boys Coalition. Complaint upheld.

Sometimes it feels like no-one in the establishment is listening, however, The UK Statistics Authority has upheld a complaint by the Men and Boys Coalition over the misleading use of the phrase “overwhelming majority” to refer to the proportion of female victims of domestic abuse.

The original, faulty comments were made by Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State Victoria Atkins MP in a Parliamentary Debate on 16 July 2019.  The Statistics Office agrees that the proportion is about 1:2.

Find out more.



Sunday 17th: National Conference on Men’s Issues (2020)

“Domestic abuse is a men’s issue, too.”  J4MB announce their first conference outside London.  Its focus is on domestic violence which affects boys and men.  They have a range of experts and speakers arranged.  Please book by March 7th.

More details and booking
Venue:  Central Manchester
Cost:  £95 (including lunch and refreshments)

Issue:  Boys’ underachievement in schools

Girls are now performing better than boys in nearly every GCSE subject except maths and physics.  Some have claimed that the previous exam system, which included significant coursework, benefitted girls.  However, in the new all-exam system, girls are still ahead.

There is some evidence that the main reason for the gap is that girls have, on average, much better learning skills than boys.  They tend to use revision techniques which, research shows, are more effective.

Campaign:  Minister for Equalities

An opinion poll in July 2019 showed that 50% of those interviewed supported the idea of a Minister for Men.  Swayne Opie has been campaigning for years for this.  See his recent talk.

Unfortunately, if we campaign directly for a Minister for Men, they would be under Minister for Women and Equalities, because, at present, this is the senior cabinet post.

Several groups have written to the Prime Minister or their MP calling for a ‘Minister for Equalities’.  Please do so yourself.

Please do one of the following:

  • Write to Boris Johnson.  Email via this link.  Address: 10 Downing St, London SW1A 2AA
  • Write to your MP. You can find their contact here. Address: House of Commons, Westminster, SW1A 0AA

If you want to include a link to the issues, please either use this one  or one from your favourite organisation which keeps a list.

When contacting MPs etc it is best to keep your message short and polite.  Snail-mail may now be more effective as they get so many emails.

Petition:  Equal parental leave for mother and fathers.

One of the main aims of The Equalogist is just to get more activity!  Signing a petition is an easy way to start to take some action.

Currently, in the UK , employed fathers are paid £140 a week for any time that they take off to spend with their child. Employed mothers can access 6 weeks maternity leave at 90% of their salary while fathers cannot. If you view parenting and care as an equal responsibility for both parents, why do we still incentivise mothers to take leave but not fathers?

Sign this petition on  It has 97,000 so far and is looking for 150,000 to send to 3 key ministers.  SIGN THE PETITION

Book:  The Empathy Gap.  Williams Collins

Well known for his informative website/blog The Illustrated Empathy Gap, William Collins has compiled an excellent reference book: The Empathy Gap.

This shows that men and boys are extensively disadvantaged across many areas of life, including in education, healthcare, genital integrity, criminal justice, domestic abuse, working hours, taxation, pensions, paternity, homelessness, suicide, sexual offences, and access to their own children after parental separation. The claim is justified in the book by empirical evidence, mostly but not exclusively from the UK, involving nearly 1,000 references, 179 Figures and 49 Tables.

Video: The Fiamengo Files No 109 ‘Why Are Women Unhappy?’

Janice Fiamengo is a retired professor of English from the University of Ottawa. She hosts The Fiamengo File, a YouTube series in which she reveals the fraud of academic feminism by examining its tenets, bizarre obsessions, outlandish claims, and its impact on western culture.

In file 109 Janice examines why, as women’s opportunities have increased, their happiness seems to have decreased.

Meet other like-minded men

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