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The only thing needed for things to stay the same
is for those who want change to do nothing.

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To increase knowledge of and activity about the significant disadvantages now experienced by boys and men. These include:

  • educational achievement
  • university entry
  • suicide rate
  • homelessness
  • industrial accidents
  • contact with their children
  • domestic violence
  • etc

In response to this a whole range of individuals, groups, organisations, books, websites, conferences, meetings etc have developed. At present they make limited progress.

Creating an effective network

We need a wider network so that more people can attend events, see articles and videos, sign petitions, write articles and letters, visit their MP etc

In each issue

The Equalogist is a newsletter which is sent to you regularly each month informing you about initiatives in the UK. We do not represent any of the organisations we publicise and are simply a communications network.

The newsletter will include:

  • forthcoming events (eg International men’s day)
  • links to groups
  • campaigns looking for your support
  • interesting articles, websites, videos etc

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