The anti-male mainstream narrative is kept in place by some widely-held myths which portray men in a negative light. If the truth becomes widely known, the narrative cannot survive.

Although there is no evidence of a conspiracy (in the sense of an international organisation which is controlling the flow of information), there is a high level of collusion in society which maintains the myths.

Feminists want equality

  • Feminists want equal rights for men and women

Gender Pay Gap

  • Women are paid less than men for the same job

Patriarchy/ male privilege

  • Society is organised by men for the benefit of men
  • Women are oppressed by the patriarchy

Toxic masculinity; (Myths about men)

  • Men are misogynists
  • All men are Rapists
  • Men don’t have feelings, don’t cry
  • Men are less emotional and less sensitive than women.
  • Men are uncaring.
  • Men are less affected by DA than women
  • Men only want sex; Men only want one thing..
  • Men are motivated by power for the sake of power.
  • Men talk over women.
  • Boys are aggressive/violent (girls poor behaviour not mentioned.)

Gender is a social construct;

  • We can choose our gender
  • Trans women are women
  • Gender dysphoria is common

Family courts

  • The law encourages shared parenting;
  • Family courts are gender fair;
  • Fatherlessness is not an important problem.
  • ‘Contact at all costs’ is often implemented even when the child is at risk.  

Domestic Abuse 


  • Women need rehabilitation, men need prison;
  • Women are more likely to be sent to prison
  • Prison separates mothers from their children
  • Most women are in prison for petty offences.

Abortion ‘rights’ 

  • Woman’s ‘right to choose’ 
  • My Body, My Choice


  • Suffragettes were responsible for votes for women.
  • Campaigners needed to be militant as men opposed votes for women