Inquiry No 4: Boys’ Educational Underachievement

The lower school achievement of boys, relative to girls, is known and documented. This inquiry will:

  • summarise the data which illustrates this
  • identify the economic cost of low male achievement and the effect to the individual
  • aim to explain the lower achievement
  • aim to understand why there is so little political and educational interest or effective remedial action on this issue
  • propose policies which are more likely to be effective than those in use at present


“What is the extent, causes and potential remedies for the relative underachievement of UK boys in the education system between birth and the end and tertiary education?”

Age range

The inquiry will cover from conception to leaving tertiary education. It will look at:

  • effects on the brain of different androgens in the womb
  • difference between male and female learning in pre-school
  • remedial measures effective at preschool
  • differences male/female at KS 1 and 2
  • effective interventions at primary school
  • effects of puberty
  • differences male/female at KS 3,4 and 5
  • effective interventions at primary school
  • Lower application and entry to university
  • higher drop-out rate for male students

Inquiry sessions

We plan three sessions (both hybrid and Zoom) summer 2023: Tue May 23rd; Tue June 20th and Tue July 18th.