Gender Gaps

Gender Gap Difference male:female Inequality ratio Gender favoured
Gender Sentencing Gap Prison sentence served for the same crime.  2:1 Women
Gender GCSE Gap Achievement of five GCSE grades 4-9 9:11 Women
Gender University Gap Undergraduates. 7:10 Women
Gender Homelessness Gap Number of homeless   8:1 Women
Gender Suicide Gap Suicide rate   3:1 Women
Gender Shelter Gap Access to sheltered accommodation   1:20 Women
Gender Gap     Women
Gender Gap      

Gender Pay Gap

This is a myth which gives the impression that women are paid less than men for the same work. This is already illegal.

The ‘gender pay gap’ is calculated by comparing the average incomes of the male and female employees in an organisation. These tend to show that. on average, men are paid more. However, this is almost entirely due to the fact the men have qualifications for the higher paid jobs or have more experience due to having spent longer in the career.