Myth: Feminists want equality

Myth: Many feminists claim that all they are asking for is equality.

Why this is a problem

It makes the demands feminists make sound reasonable; that they are just about fairness.

Equality achieved

  • equal votes was achieved in 1920
  • equal pay was achieved in 1970
  • equal numbers of men and women to university achieved in 1993

Some people who called themselves ‘feminists’ (equality-feminists) are simply aiming for equality, however, around the 1980s a new version of radical or victim-feminism emerged (mostly in universities) which claimed that true equality had not been achieved.

‘Equality’ exceeded

As this site shows, there are large areas of life where women are doing better than men:

  • boys education
  • suicide rates
  • child custody
  • etc

Male equality opposed

However, rather than work towards equality on these male-disadvantages, victim-feminists actively campaign to keep the advantages women have. They oppose:

  • shared parenting
  • equal treatment in prison sentencing and conditions
  • an evidence-based definition of domestic abuse
  • etc

To support their claim they continue to repeat a set of myths about our society. You will find a list of these on the main ‘Myths’ tab .

Gender parity

Equi-law UK seeks gender parity. It is the aim of this section to de-bunk and dispel these myths.