Children’s voices

These stories are told by young adults describing the abuse they received as children. In some cases this is directed at them, in others at the other parent.

Two young men abused by their mothers

These two live interviews, by Stephen Fitzgerald, allow these two young men to relate what happened to them as children. They tell of the cruelty inflicted by their mothers and the way the support services continued to believe what the mothers were telling them.
Note: the videos open in OneDrive.

Video 1: a boy being called Manor

Video 2: a boy called Heaven

Child victims of parental alienation

This interview, by Parental Alienation UK, gives this young woman the opportunity to tell her story of being repeatedly lied to by her mother about her father and preventing her from seeing him for years.

This interview, by Parental Alienation UK, is by the new partner of a man who was regularly seeing his children before their mother made allegations to a domestic abuse service. He has never seen them again.

Corrine Barraclough talks of her childhood experience of alienation and how it has impacted her life as an adult. Her mother told her her father wanted nothing to do with her. She was 40 before she discovered that wasn’t true.