Annual Report: 2022/23

Annual Report: 2022/23


The APPG on issues affecting men and boys was inaugurated on 16 March 2021. Mark Jenkinson MP was the first elected Chair with Nick Fletcher MP becoming chair in September 2021. He was re-elected at the AGM in May 2022.

Its aim is to: To raise awareness of disadvantages and poor outcomes faced by men and boys in education, mental/physical health and law; to influence attitudes, role models, policy and legislation that will lead to positive differences to their well-being and lives.

By the time of the AGM of 2022/23 Parliamentary Term (20 June 2023), the APPG had a membership of 40 consisting of 26 Members of Parliament and 14 Peers. These include 22 Conservative members, 7 Labour, 2 Liberal Democrats, 2 Independents, 1 SNP, 1 Alba Party and 5 Crossbenchers. There are 24 male members and 16 female members highlighting the inclusive make-up of its membership.

Since the AGM of 10 May 2022, there have been eight meetings overall (primarily evidence sessions).

The APPG’s activities included one completed inquiry and one short report:

Inquiry 3: Male suicide. April 2022-September 2022

To hear evidence from a range of UK and international experts on the data, causes and solutions for reducing male suicide rates in the UK

The published report has been well received by Government, Parliamentarians, employers and charities/health professionals within the field of mental health and male wellbeing.

Report: The case for an Intimate Violence against Men and Boys Strategy: July to September 2022

After taking evidence from a range of charities, experts and the former Victim Commissioner, the report concluded that there was a case for the above with regard to male victims of sexual abuse/violence, domestic abuse, forced marriage, honour-based abuse, stalking and other related crimes.

The current inquiry is on boys’ educational underachievement with a remit based on the “What is the extent, causes and potential remedies for the relative underachievement of UK boys in the education system between birth and the end and tertiary education?”

The APPG also held a session in November 2022 with Richard Reeves, a leading academic at the US Brookings Institute who had published an internally acclaimed book “Of Boys and Men.”

Members also asked a range of questions, held debates on men and boys issues, and, featured in a number of interviews with the media. The Chair spoke at the Men and Boys’ Coalition charity’s conference in November, led the International Men’s Day debate in the House of Commons and has had number of Ministerial meetings with respect to a men’s health strategy.

The YouTube channel has proved popular with 34 recordings of evidence that have been viewed 4,000 times and it currently consists of 167 subscribers. The Twitter account currently has 1,294 followers.

Further Information

Further information and contact details about the APPG can be found on this website:

Presented and agreed at the 2022/23 AGM held on 20 June 2023